IU experts and public safety officer give their takeaway on the Pokémon Go phenomenon

Although you might not know exactly what a Pokémon is, by now most people have heard of the wildly popular Pokémon Go, an augmented reality game that exploded on the scene early this month. Throughout the country, people of all ages are hitting the streets, cellphones in hand, attempting to catch virtual creatures known as […]

IU Student Association encourages students to educate themselves about the Lifeline Law

As chief of staff for the Indiana University Student Association, Sara Zaheer has heard about the fear some fellow students have when it comes to contacting law enforcement under circumstances that involve drinking or similar activities. That is why the Indiana Lifeline Law — which provides legal immunity for underage students who call for emergency […]

5 ways to have a safer and healthier Halloween at IU Bloomington

Post by IU Communications colleague Milana Katic: For some, Halloween weekend in a college town involves partying, which can sometimes lead to risky behavior. It’s as if putting on a costume can somehow shield us from the potential dangers of out-of-control drinking and other scary actions. However, the Indiana University Bloomington community wants to remind everyone […]

5 questions with Russ Siadatian about IU fraternities taking a stand against sexual violence

Sexual violence has become a national conversation in part because of attention the White House has focused on the subject. This week, it became clear that a number of fraternities at Indiana University have joined the conversation. “Overall, this has been an initiative that started as a conversation between a few students a few years ago, and has grown into something exponentially greater, said Russ Siadatian.

288,876 — That’s a lot of broken bones

“They’re probably jumping higher, with more force. And believe me, teenagers are risk takers,” Randall T. Loder, M.D., said about trampoline injuries research. “Younger kids may not understand potential outcomes of their actions, but they’re not so much risk takers. Teenagers, they’ll just push the limit.”

University students foster the courage to care

Guest post courtesy of Katy Flanigan, a junior at Indiana University Bloomington and chief of staff for the IU Student Association. Over the past few months, the phrase “Culture of Care” has become somewhat of a tagline on the IU Bloomington campus and community, but perhaps not all who use it understand the scope and […]

Deadly heat

There’s hot and then there’s HOT! Karen Clark, R.N., dean of the School of Nursing at Indiana University East, offers some useful tips and insights into how to weather this heat wave. “Anyone can suffer heat-related illness, but there are some individuals who are at greater risk,” she writes. “These include infants and young children, […]