Feminism, gender norms and cellphone etiquette part of this year’s ‘Singles in America’ study

We may not agree on what feminism means; but whatever their definition, singles view feminism and changing gender norms positively, according to this year’s “Singles in America” study. “Match’s annual ‘Singles in America’ study has once again uncovered some remarkable new trends — including men’s overwhelmingly positive view of feminism and feminists, in the boardroom […]

The secret to scoring a second date? Sushi and politics

Getting up the nerve to ask someone out on a first date can be tough. But how do you create an experience that leads to a second date and potentially a lifelong romance? According to this year’s Singles in America study from Match.com, sushi, political discourse and an after-dinner drink can help singles score that […]

What happens in Greenland won’t stay in Greenland

Last week IU anthropologist Virginia Vitzthum announced her NSF-funded research project to study the biological, cultural and environmental challenges facing an Arctic community. Like many coastal and modernizing communities worldwide, northern Greenlanders are confronted by a changing climate, demographic shifts and global economic forces that threaten their very existence. What she learns in Greenland could benefit the health of men and women in the U.S.

Science of attraction

Do you ever wonder what makes you attracted to someone? Is it their physical appearance, their personality, or could it even be an adaptive cognitive mechanism?

It’s that time of year

With research centers on my “beat” such as the Center for Sexual Health Promotion in the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington and The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, it’s not unusual for me to be writing about one sexuality discovery/insight or another. But this time of year, I just can’t keep […]

Advice on talking with children about sex and consent

Debby Herbenick, co-director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion in the Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington, offers parents and guardians some nuts-and-bolts tips in this New York Times article that discusses talking with children about sex and the important topic of giving and receiving consent. Think your kids are too young? (And don’t […]

Small talk, the “cornerstone of civility”

Last month we shared with reporters shyness expert Bernardo J. Carducci’s tips for making small talk more interesting and comfortable. His suggestions, such as arriving at events on time and focusing on being nice rather than titillating, are helpful around the holidays but also practical any time of the year. “Small talk is really, really […]

University students foster the courage to care

Guest post courtesy of Katy Flanigan, a junior at Indiana University Bloomington and chief of staff for the IU Student Association. Over the past few months, the phrase “Culture of Care” has become somewhat of a tagline on the IU Bloomington campus and community, but perhaps not all who use it understand the scope and […]

‘Oh! Dr. Kinsey!’

Today marks the 60th anniversary of “K Day” – the day the media were allowed to report on the female version of the sensational Kinsey Reports, the book “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.” The more than 830 pages and $8 price tag didn’t stop it from being a bestseller, and every bit as controversial […]

Supreme Court marriage rulings historic, fuzzy?

The rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court on two same-sex marriage cases are heralded in the press as historic even though Indiana University experts in family law and public opinion also use such phrases as “an expedient way to dodge a decision,” “needlessly fuzzy,” and in baseball lingo, a “walk or a single” compared to […]