Is Obamacare another Roe v. Wade?

Gerard Magliocca, a professor of constitutional law at Indiana University, had an op-ed published in the Washington Post explaining why Obamacare isn’t as settled as supporters might want us to think. His explanation even uses Roe v. Wade — still a hot-button ruling decades later — as an example of how a law isn’t considered […]

Health law expert: U.S. Supreme Court curbing FDA health efforts

A health law expert at Indiana University says the U.S. Supreme Court has “narrowed governmental power to preserve the public’s health,” while it broadens corporate freedom to advertise. “As a result, government today is much more susceptible to challenge when it tries to regulate the promotional activities of the tobacco or pharmaceutical industry,” David J. […]

IU expert: Criticism of the NFL’s response to concussion dangers should include medical community, too

The suicides of NFL players are drawing attention to the potentially deadly consequences of all-too-common concussions, with the Institute of Medicine announcing earlier this month plans for a major study into the rise of sports-related concussions among U.S. youth. The NFL, heavily criticized for its response to the struggles of retired players, isn’t the only […]