Simple steps for skin safety

Two news stories put skin cancer and skin protection top of mind for me this week. The New York Times’ “For a Boomer, Sunscreens Came Late and Cancer Came Too Soon” drove home the potential consequences (disfigurement, plastic surgery) of skin cancer. WebMD’s “Sunscreens Not Created Equal: Consumer Reports” discusses tests results for effective sunscreens […]

Sequestration: When cuts could cost lives

Much drama and politicking led up to the March 1 deadline to avert mandatory spending cuts required by sequestration. D. Craig Brater, dean of the IU School of Medicine, recently wrote this opinion piece describing the substantial impact the cuts could have on medical research in Indiana. He writes: Last year, the IU School of […]

Protect your eyes with style and restraint (leave the fireworks to the pros)

It looks like my kids and I need to pick up some sunglasses. Melanie Pickett, O.D., assistant professor of clinical ophthalmology at the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Eye Institute at the IU School of Medicine, said sunglasses are the most important component of a summer wardrobe – for adults and kids. I always wear them, […]

Ophthalmology resident already working to help kids with retinoblastoma worldwide

By Timothy Corson, Ph.D., assistant professor of ophthalmology and assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, IU School of Medicine. Among a parent’s worst nightmares is learning that their child has cancer. In this country, we have come to expect treatments — even cures — for many cancers and know that a cancer diagnosis is […]