IU School of Public Health student creates self-examination curriculum for area schools

Samantha Ginther’s task started out simple: help the Olcott Center for Cancer Education update its breast and testicular cancer self-examination curriculum. A Master of Public Health student at the Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington, Ginther originally set out to simply help the center — which taught a self-examination curriculum in area high schools — […]

IU professor is co-editor of handbook on men and masculinities

Guest post by Steve Hinnefeld, who normally writes at the Policy Briefings blog: What does it mean to be a man? Not long ago most people would have answered with clichĂ©s about courage, assertiveness and responsibility. But in recent years researchers have produced a more complex picture, suggesting that gender stereotypes can be harmful to […]

Gaming and kids: Fun and games and learning?

The Indianapolis Star ran an interesting article about video games recently. As a parent of kids who enjoy video games, I found some of the insights about the potential for “playful learning” reassuring. But as school approaches, I’m reminded of how video games can interfere with academic performance, including homework and wakefulness at school.

Homework for parents (10 more years for me)

The Center for Evaluation & Education Policy at Indiana University released a report this week about the need for schools to do more to stem the childhood obesity epidemic. The negative health consequences of childhood obesity can last a lifetime for the individual and cost a fortune collectively, with the report citing estimates that the […]