Mild dehydration can make me tired?

Ira Means, M.D., suggests we carry a reusable water bottle to encourage ourselves to drink enough water. Read on to find out why it’s so important.

Play now, pay later? College athletes’ quality of life later in life

Guest post courtesy of IU Newsroom multimedia intern Lena Morris: Beyond having their names screamed at the games, Division I athletes symbolize the best health and physique of our age group. However, a recent study conducted by Janet Simon, doctoral student at the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington, shows that such ideas might not be […]

Any time is a good time to hit the water

During frigid weather like we’ve seen in Indiana, I inevitably find myself daydreaming about balmy, sandy beaches and peaceful lapping waves. Carol Kennedy-Armbruster, functional fitness guru at the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington, reminded me this week that I can enjoy water — and get a good workout — any time of the year. Some […]

Choose a full evaluation over a vision screening to make sure eyesight isn’t hampering athletic performance

In a recent ESPN article, Steven Hitzeman, OD, FAAO, clinical associate professor of optometry at Indiana University, had some pointed comments concerning Heisman Trophy candidate Jameis “Squintston” Winston and his decision to forgo contact lenses during football games. Winston said his squinting is never a factor in his performance as Florida State University quarterback. Hitzeman […]

Elite athletes often shine sooner or later — but not both

We all know people who say they stopped growing in eighth-grade (like me) or grew several inches in college (like my brother). For high school athletes who try to take it to the next level after graduation, this variation can mean the difference between mediocrity or athletic success. An Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington […]

Here’s to stepping off the sidelines and jumping into the game

Some people see exercise as a chore or game. For Emily Ward, it’s so much more. It’s adventure, community. It can be life-changing, especially when it involves surpassing limits and accomplishing the unexpected. “It helps us get beyond our self-imposed limitations, to be someone we might have been keeping ourselves from being and doing things […]

Positive thinking can pay off

Growing up, I was unaware of the stereotype that girls struggle with math. Good thing. Social psychologists at Indiana University and elsewhere have found that when people are made aware of a negative stereotype that could relate to them, it can negatively affect their performance in that area. If I was reminded, for example, before […]

IU expert: Criticism of the NFL’s response to concussion dangers should include medical community, too

The suicides of NFL players are drawing attention to the potentially deadly consequences of all-too-common concussions, with the Institute of Medicine announcing earlier this month plans for a major study into the rise of sports-related concussions among U.S. youth. The NFL, heavily criticized for its response to the struggles of retired players, isn’t the only […]

Athletes: When NSAIDs are a no-no

It’s tempting, with the many aches and pains that seem to go hand-in-hand with my recreational activities, to pop some ibuprofen before a run to minimize anticipated soreness. I see lots of other runners faster than me doing it — and I need all the help I can get — so why not? Surprisingly, the […]

Who says girls can’t compete athletically with boys?

Each spring I begin looking forward to the American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting, wondering what interesting health and fitness studies I will discover when I begin looking into the Indiana University research that will be discussed. This week, a study by exercise physiologist Joel Stager and some of his graduate students is receiving […]