IU Bloomington professor to lead Indiana Public Health Association

Catherine Sherwood-Laughlin

Catherine Sherwood-Laughlin

Catherine Sherwood-Laughlin, a clinical professor and assistant chair of the Department of Applied Health Science at the Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington, was elected president of the Indiana Public Health Association.

“I am looking forward to this leadership opportunity where I will be able to work more closely with colleagues and public health professionals across the state, focusing on public health issues and policies that affect out communities,” Sherwood-Laughlin said.

A member of the association’s Board of Directors since 2009, Sherwood-Laughlin plans to continue and enhance the organization’s mission of policy advocacy, professional development and partnership building. She also hopes to help sharpen its longstanding focus on local public health policy, capacity, and practice to address challenges including tobacco use, obesity and other lifestyle and environmental health issues.

Sherwood-Laughlin brings years of experience to her new role, with a demonstrated ability to connect academic resources to local communities. For Indiana Public Health Association Executive Director Jerry King, Sherwood-Laughlin’s appointment will help advance the organization’s goals for 2015.

“We have always benefited from especially thoughtful, dedicated board leadership, and Catherine is truly in that mode,” King said. “We could not be more confident about the level of board planning and problem solving with her.”

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