Sexual health, HIV on a global scale: 5 questions with Brian Dodge and Jessamyn Bowling

Recently the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington announced The U.S.-India Partnership for Sexual Health Promotion, a new initiative that involves formalizing public health collaborations between the school and The Humsafar Trust, India’s oldest and largest health service organization for LGBT populations. Brian Dodge, co-director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion, and Jessamyn Bowling, a project coordinator at the center, take five questions about the new initiative and their work in general.

Add me to the list of Parker Mantell fans

Parker Mantell’s list of fans includes fellow Indiana University Bloomington graduates who gave him a standing ovation after his impressive commencement speech earlier this month. Ignore the doubters, he told them, after challenging them to “Imagine what you are depriving our world of, if you never dare to achieve your purpose.”

Dancers with Parkinson’s disease

Hoosier Georgia Shaich says fellow dancers in the Dance for PD class in Bloomington, Ind. are both different and alike. “We really enjoy music and dance,” she told multimedia intern Lena Morris for this video. “It’s fun and it’s a relief from the regimen that you have when you have Parkinson’s.”

What happens in Greenland won’t stay in Greenland

Last week IU anthropologist Virginia Vitzthum announced her NSF-funded research project to study the biological, cultural and environmental challenges facing an Arctic community. Like many coastal and modernizing communities worldwide, northern Greenlanders are confronted by a changing climate, demographic shifts and global economic forces that threaten their very existence. What she learns in Greenland could benefit the health of men and women in the U.S.