Dr. Dog will see you now

If my dog, Goldilocks, thinks she isn’t getting enough love, she lunges between my legs — or those of my family members — so we have to pet her, either scratching her back and haunches, or, depending on the direction of her shameless quest for attention, her throat and chest. She’s a magnet for caresses, […]

Obamacare and uninsured young adults, a “notable achievement”

With all of the negative media coverage of the bungled roll out of HealthCare.gov, where Americans are supposed to be able to shop for health insurance as part of the Affordable Care Act, it can be easy to overlook successes — and Indiana University health policy expert Kosali Simon considers the enrollment of almost a […]

A visit to the Bloomington Sex Salon — what’s in it for you?

Guest post by IU Newsroom colleague Jaclyn Lansbery. Women’s perceptions of their genitals, masturbation, bisexuality and erotic art — these are just a few of the topics on tap at the Bloomington Sex Salon. The Bloomington Sex Salon began in February as a monthly discussion series led by Debby Herbenick, co-director of the Center for […]