If only over-the-hill trick-or-treaters were a myth

Looking through your children’s Halloween candy for potential hazards makes sense, but any underlying fear of poison or razor blades seems to be misplaced. Health mythbusters and Indiana University Medical School physicians Aaron Carroll and Rachel Vreeman say “no evidence of genuine Halloween poisoning can be located.” Carroll and Vreeman have written two books about […]

Sick of traveling or sick ‘from’ traveling: Hotel health tips

My mom, who takes her own bedding to hotels, will find this news reassuring, as in, “I told you so.” Gaylen Kelton, M.D., discusses in Everyday Health some health and safety problems to avoid in hotels, from poor air quality (turning on the air or fan could make it worse) to scalding showers and yes, […]

Sedentary behavior (watching TV), arterial health in the news

Is watching TV setting you up for health problems? According to a recent study, the more time 30-somethings spent watching TV, the stiffer their arteries became. Stiff arteries are not a good thing, at any age. Joel Stager, an exercise physiologist at the Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington, talked with Reuters about the study. […]

University students foster the courage to care

Guest post courtesy of Katy Flanigan, a junior at Indiana University Bloomington and chief of staff for the IU Student Association. Over the past few months, the phrase “Culture of Care” has become somewhat of a tagline on the IU Bloomington campus and community, but perhaps not all who use it understand the scope and […]

Is Obamacare another Roe v. Wade?

Gerard Magliocca, a professor of constitutional law at Indiana University, had an op-ed published in the Washington Post explaining why Obamacare isn’t as settled as supporters might want us to think. His explanation even uses Roe v. Wade — still a hot-button ruling decades later — as an example of how a law isn’t considered […]