Help for children born preterm might need to extend to their sibs

An unprecedented study of preterm birth suggests that only some of the problems previously associated with preterm birth are actually caused by preterm birth itself. The study, for me, is an example of how ambitious, well-designed studies can shred conventional wisdom — ideas that otherwise would make sense and might even be supported by earlier […]

Hugh Hefner, Ann Call (Alfred Kinsey’s daughter) discuss the ‘seismic’ Kinsey Report into Female Sexuality

This BBC interview is a lot of fun — Hugh Hefner and Ann Call, daughter of famed zoologist and sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, take us back 60 years to the outcry surrounding the release of “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.” “All these people came to him with questions they realized they should know the […]

What’s wrong with Molly?

As a somewhat introverted person, I can see the appeal of the party drug “Molly,” with its purported feelings of emotional warmth, empathy. It’s often associated with dancing and fun. Who doesn’t want to have fun? And who doesn’t want to have hyperthermia, seizures, stroke, and kidney and liver failure while they’re at it? Uh, […]

Talking to kids about money, giving

As a parent, this paragraph jumped out at me: “Role-modeling alone does not appear to be as effective as talking to children about giving, the researchers found. Parents who want to raise charitable children should talk intentionally with them about their own philanthropic values and practices throughout childhood and adolescence in addition to role-modeling, they […]

Foreclosure, housing instability can affect students

School can be stressful for some students during the best of times. An Indiana University research has found that economic woes, in the form of home foreclosures, can have a lasting impact on children’s academic performance. “We know that, if a family is foreclosed, it can involve a huge amount of stress in the home,” […]