‘Oh! Dr. Kinsey!’

Today marks the 60th anniversary of “K Day” – the day the media were allowed to report on the female version of the sensational Kinsey Reports, the book “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.” The more than 830 pages and $8 price tag didn’t stop it from being a bestseller, and every bit as controversial […]

Addicted to your cell phone?

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Gym class isn’t just for jocks — or it shouldn’t be

Personally, I always loved gym class as a kid. Dodgeball, relay races. I have flashbacks to my classmates standing around the trampoline as we took turns bouncing. So, I was somewhat surprised when I realized it wasn’t for everyone. “I always dreaded the picking of teams and kids yelling at you when you mess up,” […]

Whimsy on a hot summer day

more than a dozen balanced stone sculptures in the Jordan River on Indiana University’s Bloomington campus

A revolutionary, even evolutionary, concept of happiness

This CNN article about happiness fascinates me and has gotten the two angels on my shoulders whispering in my ears. The hedonic angel, who resembles my mischievous friend Ben, tells me it’s junk science and, well, I can’t repeat here the rest of his colorful commentary. The other angel looks and sounds a lot like […]