Health law expert: U.S. Supreme Court curbing FDA health efforts

A health law expert at Indiana University says the U.S. Supreme Court has “narrowed governmental power to preserve the public’s health,” while it broadens corporate freedom to advertise. “As a result, government today is much more susceptible to challenge when it tries to regulate the promotional activities of the tobacco or pharmaceutical industry,” David J. […]

Yoga instruction creates school-religion controversy

I can’t imagine that we’ve heard the last about whether yoga is appropriate in a school setting. I’m a big fan of yoga, which I practice for mental health purposes as much as for its immediate physical benefits. But I can see how its religious roots could unnerve those of differing spiritual beliefs, regardless of […]

Sitting less, moving more could be easier than you think

Last month the American Medical Association adopted a new policy on sitting in the workplace, paraphrased by the L.A. Times as “Get off your butts”. “Prolonged sitting, particularly in work settings, can cause health problems and encouraging workplaces to offer employees alternatives to sitting all day will help to create a healthier workforce,” AMA board […]