Simple steps for skin safety

Two news stories put skin cancer and skin protection top of mind for me this week. The New York Times’ “For a Boomer, Sunscreens Came Late and Cancer Came Too Soon” drove home the potential consequences (disfigurement, plastic surgery) of skin cancer. WebMD’s “Sunscreens Not Created Equal: Consumer Reports” discusses tests results for effective sunscreens […]

Prescription drug abuse: Hoosier teens discuss a dangerous and growing problem

Most parents, like me, want to believe that their kids won’t sneak pills from the medicine cabinet or buy prescription drugs from friends. If this were the case, though, prescription drug abuse wouldn’t be considered such a problem nationwide and in Indiana, where youths were ranked second in the nation for reported use of prescription […]

Here’s to stepping off the sidelines and jumping into the game

Some people see exercise as a chore or game. For Emily Ward, it’s so much more. It’s adventure, community. It can be life-changing, especially when it involves surpassing limits and accomplishing the unexpected. “It helps us get beyond our self-imposed limitations, to be someone we might have been keeping ourselves from being and doing things […]

Study examines new moms’ brain activity, sexual desire

I think of that 3-4 month period following the births of my three kids as The Twilight Zone (can you hear the music, too?). Everything, for the most part, is a haze, and it’s not because the kids were born 8, 12 and 14 years ago. My brain, at the time, more than likely was […]