Exercise: Good for looks — and outlooks

I felt like a kid in a candy shop earlier this week when my physical therapist ended our sessions by telling me I could try walk-running. As I gave it a whirl that evening with my dog, Goldilocks, I laughed spontaneously. Maybe it was the snow or the Great Blue Heron flying overhead, or the […]

Americans are thinking, talking about same-sex marriage whether we like it or not

Just try reading or listening to the news without coming across reports about the two U.S. Supreme Court cases this week involving challenges to the California voter initiative that prohibited same-sex marriage and the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Controversial and monumental for sure. The controversy might be a key player in what appears to […]

Making sex normal — one picture at a time

Are Americas obsessed with sex? It’s always in the news, from the fast-paced national discussion about same-sex marriage (I like “marriage equality”) and hardcore political maneuvering to shut down Planned Parenthood clinics, to “news” articles about Hollywood crotch shots (really, Anne Hathaway?). What Americans need to do, says Indiana University sex researcher Debby Herbenick, is […]

Sequestration: When cuts could cost lives

Much drama and politicking led up to the March 1 deadline to avert mandatory spending cuts required by sequestration. D. Craig Brater, dean of the IU School of Medicine, recently wrote this opinion piece describing the substantial impact the cuts could have on medical research in Indiana. He writes: Last year, the IU School of […]

C. Everett Koop: Science was his prescription for chaos — and Phyllis Schlafly

When I think of U.S. Surgeon Generals, only two people come immediately to mind – CNN doc Sanjay Gupta, who was President Barack Obama’s pick for the job in 2009 but declined, and C. Everett Koop, who passed away this week at the age of 96. Koop was Surgeon General during the 1980s yet somehow […]