Looking for love in all the wrong places?

I thought Bernardo J. Carducci was about to get himself into BIG trouble when he said to me, “A real problem that women have is …” Part of me, admittedly, didn’t want to know (ignorance is bliss?). But as he continued, I could see that he was right. “A real problem that women have is […]

IU expert: Criticism of the NFL’s response to concussion dangers should include medical community, too

The suicides of NFL players are drawing attention to the potentially deadly consequences of all-too-common concussions, with the Institute of Medicine announcing earlier this month plans for a major study into the rise of sports-related concussions among U.S. youth. The NFL, heavily criticized for its response to the struggles of retired players, isn’t the only […]

Zumba one day, Guzi Yangge the next

There’s jazzercise, belly dancing, pole dancing and, of course, the Latin-influenced Zumba. Dance-based fitness channels all sorts of styles, including disco, “the oldies” and hip-hop. Is Chinese folk dance next? Ma Gulandanmu, a visiting professor from Shanghai Sport University, has been studying and teaching at the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington since last February. She […]

A matter of resolve: What floats your boat?

When it comes to resolve, I’ve received some interesting advice from Indiana University professors over the years. Bernardo J. Carducci, at IU Southeast, recommends making New Year resolutions in February, or September – but never during the emotional and advertising-intense holidays. During the holidays, or in stressful times, “instead of making a lot of changes, […]