Two gifts from Bernardo Carducci

The holiday season can be trying for many people because of what psychology professor and shyness expert Bernardo Carducci calls “density intensity,” which can deepen holiday blues, and because of a discomfort with small talk, a social staple that gets a bad rap even though Carducci refers to it as “the cornerstone of civility.” Gift […]

Childbirth: Life-changing and brain-changing

For many parents, the early months with a newborn can feel like an altered state of reality. Sleep deprivation. A fragile young life making odd noises. Loads and loads of laundry. In addition to being life-changing, the birth of a child might be brain-changing, as well. A new study from The Kinsey Institute at Indiana […]

Hey ladies, what about your health?

On Saturday, students at Indiana University Bloomington are taking their class to the community – they have assembled a variety of health resources geared toward helping women put their health first, for a change. The Health First! health fair, from noon to 4 p.m. in the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center, 275 N. Jordan Ave., is […]

Athletes: When NSAIDs are a no-no

It’s tempting, with the many aches and pains that seem to go hand-in-hand with my recreational activities, to pop some ibuprofen before a run to minimize anticipated soreness. I see lots of other runners faster than me doing it — and I need all the help I can get — so why not? Surprisingly, the […]