Fresh, local food a privilege?

I never had easy access to farmer’s markets until I moved to Bloomington, Ind., at the age of 37. Eight years later, the markets here still contain an element of excitement for me because I never know what surprises are in store. Who knew, for example, that gourmet tamales would be the perfect post-run breakfast […]

Impact of behavior on depressed teens’ grades could signal need to re-examine school disciplinary approaches

A study by Indiana University Bloomington sociologist Jane McLeod found that behavior problems, not depression, are linked to lower grades for depressed adolescents. “Certainly, there are depressed youths who have trouble in school, but it’s likely because they are also using substances, engaging in delinquent activities or have attention issues,” McLeod said in a news […]

Sex and IVF: Does it have to be a drag?

The headline in the popular blog Jezebel read, “Today in unsurprising news, IVF can make sex less sexy.” Couples who have undergone rounds of in-vitro fertilization, too, are probably thinking, “Duh!” But, well, er, the findings by IU researchers were news to me. I’m no doctor, still, the absence of related sexual health information or […]