Art: A healer of healers

I almost feel voyeuristic when I watch the video IU telecommunications student Ben Tamir Rothenberg shot of his father, Jeff Rothenberg. It’s so personal and touching – and gritty. But then, so is Dr. Rothenberg’s job, as a surgeon and associate professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at the IU School of Medicine. One week […]

Coregasms (need I say more?)

I can come up with LOTS of excuses for avoiding core exercises but I often just tell it as it is – they just aren’t any fun compared to the activities I enjoy doing, which include running, cycling, hiking and swimming. But oh, cruel twist of fate, I can’t do some of these activities, or […]

Tailgating might be no place for kids

Is it possible that tailgating before (during, after) a game can be too much fun? It is when children get to watch their parents or others nearby drinking excessively, something the youngsters might mimic when older. “There might be an alcohol- and smoke-free area of your college’s football parking areas where (parents) won’t have to […]