Security Matters: IT help for the rest of us

I’m not exaggerating when I say that few things can frustrate me as much or as quickly as a tech glitch, when my computer or device for some curious reason just stops doing what I want (human error, virus, server problem …), often when I’m on some sort of deadline. Insanely helpful one minute — […]

DVD, tips, information forms and other resources addressing autism spectrum disorders

The working relationship between school staff and parents of children with autism spectrum disorders is critical to the children’s success in school and can be a source of tremendous stress at the beginning of the school year when parents are not familiar with the school staff. Cathy Pratt, director of the Indiana Resource Center for […]

Take a stand against sitting too much

When Carol Kennedy-Armbruster thinks in terms of ROI, she’s thinking about dollars and employees’ quality of life. Healthy employees, says the workplace place wellness expert, consume fewer health care dollars, are more functional on the job, tend to be absent or injured less often, and return to work sooner after injuries. “Basically, healthy employees cost […]

Give the kids a break — transition can be hard at any age

When I dropped my daughter off for kindergarten two years ago, I cried as I walked away because she also was crying as the teacher took her by the hand and led her classmates into the school. So much has changed – as a second-grader, she insisted I not help her carry her supplies or […]

More yoga therapy research findings

A reader posted a comment to a yoga blog post in June to say she’d “like to see how yoga in chairs works.” Here’s a picture. I had written about promising research involving the use of yoga as part of rehabilitation following stroke. More findings from the study were published recently in the journal Stroke. […]