Who says girls can’t compete athletically with boys?

Each spring I begin looking forward to the American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting, wondering what interesting health and fitness studies I will discover when I begin looking into the Indiana University research that will be discussed. This week, a study by exercise physiologist Joel Stager and some of his graduate students is receiving […]

Potential Chaos: Affordable health care and the Constitution

Indiana University health policy expert Aaron Carroll outlines in the Stanford Law Review what he would expect if the U.S. Supreme Court finds the Affordable Care Act, or part of it, unconstitutional this summer. He writes: “Physicians, hospitals, and private companies have been shifting how they practice medicine in anticipation of the ACA’s implementation. They’ve […]

Ophthalmology resident already working to help kids with retinoblastoma worldwide

By Timothy Corson, Ph.D., assistant professor of ophthalmology and assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, IU School of Medicine. Among a parent’s worst nightmares is learning that their child has cancer. In this country, we have come to expect treatments — even cures — for many cancers and know that a cancer diagnosis is […]

Keeping cigarettes away from idle lips this summer

I doubt many parents want their kids to smoke, yet the end of the school year signals a period when teens may be more likely to give it a try. “There are some data that show an increase in cigarette sales in the summer months and also an increase in smoking onset among youth in […]

Chow does the math on weight gain, loss

The New York Times ran a fascinating article on Monday about a mathematician’s take on the obesity epidemic. Comments that jumped out at me included: “Conventional wisdom of 3,500 calories less is what it takes to lose a pound of weight is wrong. The body changes as you lose. Interestingly, we also found that the fatter […]

Skin cancer: Can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

I apply sunscreen to my face every morning and yet my grandfather’s disapproval of my cancer-prevention skin care still follows me. Persistent, yes, but I know he wants to help me and my family avoid the procedures and surgery he’s endured. Should I bother at my age? Reuters carried an article recently about a government-backed panel’s recommendation […]

Author Susan Gubar: Ovarian cancer not a ‘happily ever after subject’

Susan Gubar spoke on Wednesday with “Talk of the Nation” host Neal Conan about her new book, “‘Memoir of a Debulked Woman: Enduring ovarian cancer.” I recommend listening, as Gubar, an award-winning author and professor emerita of English in Indiana University Bloomington’s College of Arts and Sciences, discusses the cancer and decisions she must make […]