The voyage home

Long since stricken from the Naval Register, her parts scattered across Indiana and the nation, the USS Indiana, recipient of nine battle stars for her service during World War II, is finally coming home. As reported June 25, Indiana University has secured the original prow from the 35,000-ton South Dakota class battleship, which served in the […]

Renewal, restoration and the campus canopy

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly two years since IU Bloomington sustained some of the worst tree damage in its history, the result of violent storms that swept through our campus and the surrounding community. More than 300 trees, including several large, old-growth trees, were lost during the May 2011 storms that cut a […]

A day of reflection, remembrance and revelry

Indiana University Bloomington held its annual Winter Commencement this morning at Assembly Hall, giving the university’s newest graduates an opportunity to look toward a future of promise and also to reflect on the many historic events that have marked their years at IU — events, said IU President Michael A. McRobbie, that have “touched the […]

We’ve only just begun. Really.

We’re only a little more than 24 hours into a new academic year, but the Btown campus has been thoroughly buzzing for nearly a week. The fun and excitement began with last Wednesday’s Move-In Day and Freshman Induction ceremonies, and continued on through the next several days at CultureFest (until the rains came), the cream-and-crimson-filled […]

Move-In Day!

Nothing quite signals the energy and excitement of a new academic year at IU Bloomington than Move-In Day, when new students — with the help of their families, friends and loved ones — unpack and enter their new residences for the first time. True to this annual campus tradition, the official start to Welcome Week, […]

A no-brainer for the brain campus

Sometimes the best idea is the one that makes the most sense or — to borrow from the principle of Occam’s razor — the one that’s the simplest. Yet it doesn’t take a beautiful mind (or a brain as big as one of the many fiberglass brain sculptures on display throughout campus and the surrounding […]