Spinning through the spirit and tradition of Hoosier hoops history

Hoosier basketball fans can now take great pleasure and pride in knowing that it will only take a quick trip to the IU Archives to take a whirl through IU’s time-tested tradition and spirit.

Teddy talks (and the modern-day commencement address at IU Bloomington)

Herman B and Booker T. Mellencamp and Sylvia McNair. Birch and Evan Bayh. Q, Quincy Jones. Pauley, Smiley and Enberg, oh my. The statesmen, Richard Lugar and Lee Hamilton. The Nobel winner, Eleanor Ostrom. The Batman crusader, Michael Uslan, and the Puzzlemaster, Will Shortz. Oh, and did we mention Teddy Roosevelt? All of these names, […]

Homeward Bound: The story of the USS Indiana

The following guest post is courtesy of Bethany Nolan, who typically blogs at Art at IU. Below, Bethany describes the creation of a special multimedia presentation on the history of the USS Indiana and its memorable voyage home to Indiana University Bloomington.  With three uncles, a grandpa and cousin who’ve served or are serving in the U.S. […]

Throwback Thursday: IU baseball goes to Japan

It’s been just over a week since the curtain closed on IU’s historic baseball season, which culminated in the Hoosiers first-ever appearance in the College World Series, but the thrills that took place on the diamond continue to be the talk the Btown campus. Indeed, anticipation for next year started almost immediately after the Hoosiers’ […]

Happy birthday, Herman!

Wells built an institution, and, in the process, became one himself. 
– Biographer James Capshew If he were still alive, Indiana University’s legendary 11th president, Herman B Wells, would’ve turned 110 years old today. A true IU icon, Wells was a remarkable man whose impact on IU and the Bloomington community continues to be felt […]

Under the Big Red Sky

Come gather ‘round people … today is Bob Dylan’s 71st birthday. Which has me thinking about the many hours I’ve spent listening to and trying to decipher Dylan’s remarkable songs and the occasions I’ve seen him perform in Bloomington. It also has me wishing for an extended version of the continuing education class I took […]

A cool IU tradition

It’s Friday and a gorgeous, sunny, spring afternoon in Bloomington. So naturally some minds — those susceptible to sugary sweets like mine — drift to ice cream. Not surprisingly, one of my favorite IU Bloomington blogs, aided by an 11-year-old scholar from a local elementary school, has already gotten the scoop on the university’s ice-cream […]