A busy week (and summer!) in Btown

Beginning last Sunday, when new students began arriving on campus, we here at IU Bloomington have been busy officially welcoming IU press release on 2015 incoming class and helping them quickly get acquainted with their new surroundings and all the pride and joy that goes into being a Hoosier. Our welcoming work also begins well before students officially become part of the IU family

Fond memories and excitement over a new era in journalism excellence at IU

Guest post by Mark Land: Some of my fondest memories as an IU student are housed in Ernie Pyle Hall where I spent many an hour as a reporter and editor of the Indiana Daily Student, which was then – like today – one of the very best student newspapers in the country and where I learned from professors who left a lasting impression on my journalistic sensibilities. But rather than mourn the passing of the IU School of Journalism, I’m choosing to look with excitement at seeing it reincarnated as a central piece of the new IU Media School.

Words on waffles

If you haven’t yet read Jessica Contrera’s story about “The end of the Waffle House,” which recently ran in the Indiana Daily Student, do yourself a favor, sit down, grab a cup of coffee and—why not?—a delicious syrupy waffle. Then prepare to indulge in an article that’s drawn some well-deserved national media attention for its […]

The magic of Btown

If you noticed a little less banter here these last several days, you can blame Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and the wonderful world of Disney, which is where I recently spent my kids’ fall break and, sadly, a good chunk of their college savings. Not that I should be complaining about a week in sunny […]

Paging Aaron Sorkin …

The socially conscious, sometimes cynical screenwriter behind such creations as “The West Wing,” “The Social Network,” and, most recently, the new HBO drama “The Newsroom,” might be heartened to hear that — at a time when most teens’ lives are seemingly dominated by social media — the iconic high school newspaper is alive and well. […]