Home is where your tribe is


Post courtesy of Janae Cummings, strategic communications specialist with the IU Office of the Provost: 

Think back to the moment you found your tribe. Your people. The ones who supported you, pushed you, laughed and cried with you, and made you feel like you belonged. We find our tribes in different places and different ways. But none are so important as the ones we find during periods of transition and change.

These experiences define life at Indiana University. They’re how we grow, evolve and become who we’re meant to be. But when you can’t find your footing — when you can’t find your tribe — the questions flood in. Am I on the right path? Are there really people out there I can relate to? Is this the place for me?

In those times, when the outlook seems dark and self-doubt creeps in, #IUisHome shines through with the answer: Yes. Keep going. You belong here.

#IUisHome launched in mid-August with profiles of Hoosiers from diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences. From undergraduates to alumni, the tie that binds these individuals isn’t courage in the face of adversity or perseverance when the going gets rough; it’s the thoughtful words and actions that guide their peers in the right direction. For the unmoored, these acts often serve as a lighthouse in a sea of uncertainty, spelling the difference between merely surviving and succeeding.

Story after story, helping others find their place comes down to the little things: the simple words of encouragement or reassurance, the invitation to Starbucks for coffee, the proactive step to act as a mentor. They’re simple and small, but they’re the things we need to find our tribes — our community — and our sense of belonging. Isn’t that what home is all about?

For the following Hoosiers, #IUisHome:

And as the new academic year kicks off at IU Bloomington, we welcome home the new Class of 2020 to campus where #IUisHome.