Her story

“She’s the pride of Indiana, Hail to old IU!”

For a university to make history, it has to have a powerful “her” story.

As Indiana University fast approaches its third century (in 2020), its Bloomington campus owes much of its achievement to the many remarkable women – from first ladies to first police chiefs to first business school deans – who have championed an environment of excellence and opportunity at IU.


“Her story” recognizes the exceptional impact women have had on shaping IU’s success.

In recognition of the exceptional impact women have had on shaping Indiana University’s success — and in conjunction with the annual Women’s History Month — the IU Newsroom is showcasing 15 women (for 2015) who reflect the trailblazing spirit, innovative thinking and Hoosier pride that have come to define what it means to be a woman at IU.

“Her story” offers glimpses into the individual stories of these 15 women who are working across a wide spectrum of disciplines and professions central to the continued growth of the Bloomington campus. Together, they represent the arts and culture, academia and administration, teaching, research and creative thinking, student support and security, technology and more.

“Her story” also highlights the past accomplishments of the Hoosier women who paved a path for the next generation of brilliant minds who are making their own mark at IU and beyond.

Of course, members of the IU Newsroom team knew going into this project that it would be nearly impossible to showcase every woman, past and present, whose work is woven into the fabric of excellence at IU. Nevertheless, it was clear that the overall story that continues to be written by IU women was simply too powerful, enlightening and inspiring not to share.

In true IU fashion, new chapters of that story continue to be written every day. For now, though, we hope you enjoy interacting with “Her story” and taking pride in the women who are making a major difference through their day-to-day work here in Bloomington.

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