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I admit, I’m a bit of a romantic, especially when it comes to IU and Btown, where I’ve lived for the last 15 years. I received a master’s degree here. Met my lovely wife my first day of school. Have two kids who are growing up great here. My 11-year-old got to rush the Assembly Hall court for the first time recently. I have more pictures of my son and daughter traipsing through Dunn Meadow and around the Herman B Wells statue than I know what to do with.

Today being Valentine’s Day, a holiday that seems to go hand-in-hand with Hoosier cream-and-crimson, here are a few recent things that have added to my ongoing love affair with IU:

IU love stories: Did I mention I was a romantic? These stories, which first appeared in the Indiana Alumni Magazine and were reprinted in Inside IU Bloomington, show just how passionate IU alumni are about each other and their beloved university.

Making peace …: For the first time since 2011-12, IU Bloomington has earned a spot on the Peace Corps’ annual list of the top volunteer-producing colleges and universities. More than 1,600 IU graduates have served since the agency was created in 1961.


IU and students from Bloomington's Harmony School will partner on a woodland gardening initiative.

IU and students from Bloomington’s Harmony School will partner on a woodland gardening initiative.

… and harmony: A perfect match. IU and students from Btown’s Harmony School will partner on a woodland gardening initiative intended to give students a better understanding of nature’s gifts and the benefits of green infrastructure.

Marathon film fest: Why do I love the IU Cinema? Let me count the ways. Rather, how about I just mention that the nation’s premier university cinema will be showcasing 12 films starring the late Philip Seymour Hoffman in a 24-hour marathon festival. The festival begins Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 18.

Play ball!: The best cure for the winter blues? Big Red baseball. First pitch for the Hoosiers, who are on the heels of the greatest season in IU baseball history, comes at you this afternoon at 3 p.m. EST at Texas Tech.

Meet the Beatles experts: Fifty years after they grabbed Americans’ hearts, the Beatles were back in the national conversation. And so were IU’s Beatles experts, including IU Jacobs School of Music professor Glenn Gass, who teaches what is believed to be the longest-running course on the Fab Four in existence.

IU talks Sochi: When they weren’t talking the Beatles, IU’s best and brightest minds were weighing in on the 2014 Winter Olympics. Their insights on the games blanketed many of the issues swirling around Sochi, Russia, including altitude and athletics, the role of social media, media and public opinion, the threat of terrorism and other controversies.

Big News: Shameless plug, but I think this site, featuring the headline-generating exploits and expertise of IU faculty and staff and brought to you by my colleagues in the IU Bloomington Newsroom, is pretty sweet.

Hoosier Valentine. You can’t spell IU without U and I. I bid you adieu with a few of my favorite #HoosierValentine cards that are being lovingly shared across the social media sphere.


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