The inner workings of the artist and scientist

Seismophotography and Shakespeare sonnets. Deadly pathogens and paintings.

Combine them and you get just another day in the inner workings of the brilliantly talented minds at IU Bloomington.

Art and science converge in the latest from IU Bloomington’s “Brilliant Minds” video series, which showcases how numerous campus researchers (from biology, geology, informatics and psychology) and artists (including painters, photographers and videographers, and textile artists) are collaborating to create amazing art based on scientific imaging. This unique creative process has enhanced the effort of both the scientist and artist alike to explore, better understand and offer commentary on the human condition and the world around them.

Jeff Wolin, Ruth N. Halls Professor of fine arts and co-leader of the Imag(in)ing Science at the Grunwald Gallery project, which my colleague Bethany Nolan blogged about last fall, sums it up best: “I’d like to think that good art could be good science and good science could be good art … it’s an idea that was very much part of the culture of the 19th century … we’re trying to be a leader in the rediscovery of art and science.”

The Brilliant Minds video series was created by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and IU Bloomington campus. More videos are available online.

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