A new view of Commencement at IU

When you’ve worked at the university as long as I have (10 years) and your own graduation from college (almost 20 years ago) is becoming a more and more distant memory, it would be easy to dismiss this time of year as, well, simply not your own. You might even seek shelter from all of the hustle and bustle that comes with annual spring commencement ceremonies at IU Bloomington.


IU graduates pose for a picture in front of Bloomington’s iconic Sample Gates.

Fortunately, that’s not me–and from conversations I’ve had in the days leading up to graduation, that’s not a lot of you, either.

Once again, I’ve been swept up in the commencement tradition as I’ve surveyed the smiling faces of our graduates, their families and their loved ones and felt a surge of energy and excitement that never ceases to amaze me this time of year.

But even traditions sometimes need a little tweaking, which is why this year IU has given its newest graduates one more assignment before they head out into the real world. It’s a fun one that, frankly, also let’s those of us who aren’t graduating into the fun. This weekend, IU students, their families and their friends have been encouraged to tweet their thoughts, feelings, memories and, yes, pictures, and tagging them with a hashtag (#IUgrad13) created just for the occasion.

Simply search for the hashtag on Twitter or, if you just want some select highlights, visit IU’s special Commencement 2013 Storify site, which will be continually updated through the weekend. I guarantee you’ll feel a new sense of pride and inspiration. And, who knows, maybe you’ll even want to get in to the tweeting act yourself!

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