Shake it up, Hoosier style

At this point, it’s, well, pointless to resist the phenomenon that’s sweeping—or should I say shaking—the nation. I’m talking, of course, about the “Harlem Shake,” the latest viral video sensation to infect the Internet. I won’t begin to explain the Shake, but let’s just say it’s taken over the bodies of everyone from TV funnymen Jon Stewart and Jimmy Fallon to soldiers, firefighters, news anchors and office workers all across the country.

So is it any surprise that Hoosiers across IU Bloomington are embracing their inner Harlem? Earlier this week, the IU men’s lacrosse team took on the dance, resulting in a video that, at the time of this posting, is up to 35,700 YouTube views and counting. IU’s student section at Assembly Hall, the Crimson Guard, got into the shimmying spirit at Wednesday night’s basketball game against Nebraska. IU’s track team has just taken a run at it, too, and even our friends in the student media are proudly headlining the dance.

So, without further adieu, and before you can utter the words “Gangnam Style” or “Call Me Maybe,” Btown Banter presents just a few of the Hoosier Harlem Shakes for your 30-second viewing. Happy shaking!


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