New glory. Old IU.

For several weeks now, I’ve been wondering what more I could write (that hasn’t already been written) about the hot topic of the moment in Btown. I’m talking, of course, about Hoosier basketball, currently ranked No. 1 in the nation and the subject of more “They’re back” stories than Jason from “Friday the 13th,” stories like this terrific piece from

Just as I started to fear that I might toss up the blogger’s version of the basketball player’s airball, a copy of the newest Indiana University Alumni Magazine landed on my desk, like a Christian Watford miracle shot from the sky. The winter 2012 issue contains a cover story (“Pride and Joy”) authored entirely by Hoosier fans, who were asked by the magazine’s editors to contribute their thoughts, reflections and memories related to IU basketball. The result: a personal, poignant and passionate tale that reflects the glorious tradition of IU basketball and why it matters so much to all of us.

Cover of the winter 2012 issue of the Indiana University Alumni Magazine

The scores of reader submissions — and the striking photographs that surround them — are sure to elicit fond recollections of great moments in Hoosier history and, yes, great expectations for what fans might look forward to in the coming weeks and months. They also serve as a welcome reminder that behind all of the traditions we have come to cherish at IU are actual voices. These voices serve to strengthen and further those traditions, whether they take place on the court, in the classroom or around our beautiful campus grounds, even as we look toward the future.

It’s also worth noting that these submissions didn’t happen by accident. Rather, they were solicited as part of a new approach by the editorial team that brings you the Alumni Magazine to engage IU alumni in a conversation about the university through communications channels for both the traditional (letters to the editor) and tech-savvy (Facebook, Twitter) reader. To this end, the fall 2012 debut of the reinvented magazine included timely thoughts on this year’s elections from such veteran Hoosier politicians as Richard Lugar, Dan Quayle, Evan Bayh and Lee Hamilton, alongside IU alumni who shared through Facebook and Twitter what they thought the most important issues were facing the nation.

The “What’s At Stake” election article was voted down by a few folks, for reasons you can read about in the newest issue of the magazine (see Exchange section), but a free exchange of ideas, passionate debate and sometimes agreeing to disagree is part of the university tradition, too.

Of course, getting back to IU basketball, there’s little disagreement over the spirit and excitement that’s captivated the Btown campus and surrounding community and led many to dream of new glory for old IU. In many ways, the conversation feels like it’s just getting started.

Photo from IU’s game vs. Illinois, Feb. 9, 2012

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