Thanksgiving and ‘Giving Thanks’

Count me among the many Americans who know the basics of Thanksgiving (or at least enough to keep from looking like a turkey to my 10-year-old son): the Pilgrims in Plymouth, Mass. Squanto and the local Wampanoag tribe. Native Americans and European settlers coming together for a happy harvest celebration that would forever be known as the nation’s first Thanksgiving. […]

Supporting our veterans

Today is when we officially celebrate Veterans Day, and as we honor our armed services veterans, we also salute the efforts of those at IU Bloomington who are working to make sure the campus is fully supporting our student veterans, current servicemen and women, and their families. Spearheading those efforts is Margaret Baechtold, who, earlier […]

Meet the parents

It’s Parents Weekend at IU Bloomington, which, for this blogger, always brings back special memories. Parents Weekend 1995 was my introduction to IU and the Btown community—that’s when mom, dad and I ventured away from the shores of Connecticut to visit my younger sister, then a freshman. Expecting to see a few big academic structures […]