A special place

Today, along with some much-needed rain, came some new confirmation of Bloomington’s status as one of the nation’s premier college towns. Bloomington has just been named one of the “Top 10 College Towns for 2012” by Livability.com, a national website that highlights more than 500 of the best places to live and visit in the U.S.

Bloomington has just been named one of the top college towns by the national Livability.com website. Here’s a picture, from a new Pinterest board started by IU Communications’ leader Mark Land, of the Student Building in the historic Old Crescent part of campus. As Land says, “some buildings just say ‘college.'”

In the third edition of Livability’s listing of America’s best college towns, Bloomington ranked seventh, one spot ahead of Athens, Ga. According to Livability, Bloomington made the list because of the quality of life amenities offered at IU Bloomington, including arts and cultural activities and economic development assets, such as research and development.

The Livability editors write, “True college towns are places where the identity of the city is both shaped by and complementary to the presence of its university, creating an environment enjoyable to all residents, whether they are enrolled in classes or not. They’re true melting pots where young minds meet old traditions, and political, social and cultural ideas of all kinds are welcomed.”

It’s always nice to see our campus and community recognized for how special they are, whether that recognition comes in the form of a national ranking or first-year students excitedly experiencing the sights and sounds of their new surroundings. It’s also nice to stop every once in a while and remember how quintessentially college this place really is – a fact that’s nicely documented on a new Pinterest board started by IU Communications’ leader and IU Matters blogger Mark Land, who recently committed himself to posting “one photo a day, every day” of campus for the entire school year at IU Bloomington, Check out Mark’s “Indiana, Our Indiana” to see more of why folks like Livability call our campus community “ground zero for Hoosier fans.”




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