Summer’s gone … almost

“Summer’s gone. 
It’s finally sinking in.”

That’s a lyric from a new Beach Boys tune, and one that keeps playing in my head at the end of the true last week of summer at IU Bloomington, which, on Wednesday, will begin officially welcoming new students to campus.

Other than their ties to Great Britain, what do the War of 1812 and the 2012 Olympics have in common? They’re both among happenings at IU Bloomington as the end of summer approaches.

Though the end of summer is, indeed, finally sinking in, I’m not quite ready to give it back. Fortunately, there are still a number of happenings that are keeping me in a summer mindset, even as I look forward to the start of another fun and exciting fall semester. Here are just a few of them, in no particular order:

  • The Olympics. I’ve already blogged about the excitement surrounding our very own Hoosiers who’ve been competing in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, which, sadly, finish up on Sunday, Aug. 12. What an Olympics it’s been, though, and what better time to look back at the amazing accomplishments of IU’s participants? Just getting to the Games is astounding enough. But who will soon forget the bronze-medal-winning performance of Derek Drouin in the men’s high jump? Drouin, who will return to Bloomington this fall, earned IU’s 14th Olympic medal in track and field and the 88th medal in all sports. Or diver Christina Loukas making it to the final round of the 3-meter springboard competition? Relive it all at IU Athletics’ special London Olympics website.
  • War of 1812. The USA has quite a history with Great Britain going all the way back to the nation’s founding, but not as much is known perhaps about the War of 1812, sometimes called the “second war” for American independence and the subject of a fascinating digital collection at IU’s renowned Lilly Library. Read my colleague Bethany Nolan’s account of this online resource sure to delight any history buff or, as Bethany calls herself, “library geek.”
  • Mission to Mars. Personally, I’m still in awe of the IU Bloomington geologists who are contributing in a major way to the highly ambitious, highly publicized NASA Mars Science Laboratory Mission and making us think of “Big Red” in an entirely new fashion.
  • Hoosier to Hoosier Sale. A big, all-day sale on Saturday, Aug. 11, that promises great finds, diverts reusable items from the landfill and benefits great local causes. I’m sold. 
  • Be True to Your School. A blog about summer just had to come back to the Beach Boys. Once again, Bethany Nolan’s beat me to it. Read her fun, fun, fun blog post about a new Jacobs School of Music course devoted to how Brian Wilson and his fellow bandmates redefined the sounds of summer and introduced rock ‘n’ roll to sophisticated production techniques and ahead-of-its-time artistry. 

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