Big Red, white and blue

At this very moment, Big Red is representing in the UK, and, interestingly enough, we’re not talking about IU hooping it up with its rival Kentucky. Instead, we’re referring to the Hoosiers who are competing in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, which began last week and will continue through Aug. 12. This year’s games […]

Stardust at the Statehouse

Before he moves on to his new gig up north, Indiana governor and Purdue University President-elect Mitch Daniels is getting an office makeover, courtesy of IU. IU Campus Art took the opportunity yesterday to jazz up the governor’s office with a portrait of American music legend, IU alumnus and Bloomington native Hoagy Carmichael, composer of […]

Paging Aaron Sorkin …

The socially conscious, sometimes cynical screenwriter behind such creations as “The West Wing,” “The Social Network,” and, most recently, the new HBO drama “The Newsroom,” might be heartened to hear that — at a time when most teens’ lives are seemingly dominated by social media — the iconic high school newspaper is alive and well. […]

Play it safe, party animal!

Thought I’d check in with IU’s ever-chatty, sometimes smart-alecky Street Smart party animals to see what they’ve been up to (or should I say, getting into!) this summer. Here’s @HankatIU, a giraffe with a hank-ering for house plants that are edible and the TV show “Jersey Shore,” tweeting some heady safety reminders during the recent […]

Take me out to the ball game

On the eve of Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game, we at Btown Banter thought it might be fitting to take our own break to acknowledge IU Bloomington’s proud baseball tradition and, more specifically, the Hoosiers who’ve appeared in the annual mid-season classic. Any conversation about Hoosier all-stars has to begin with Ted Kluszewski, who batted […]

“An essential college experience”

Full confession here. I didn’t study abroad while in college, and I never really considered it, aside from an occasional fleeting notion. In fact, about the closest I got to an international experience was when the occasional new acquaintance would mistake my school (UConn) for that part of Canada bordering Alaska. Eventually, I made it overseas, […]