Ha Jin: The liberating powers of English

Guest blog by Samrat Upadhyay, author and faculty member in the IU Bloomington Department of English: In the 1990s, Croatian-American writer Josip Novakovich asked me whether I’d read any Ha Jin. I replied I hadn’t. “Read him. He’s really good,” Novakovich said. At that time, Novakovich was editing an anthology titled “Stories in the Stepmother Tongue,” featuring […]

IU professor looks at how ‘The Simpsons’ ’embiggened’ the English language

Guest post courtesy of IU Newsroom intern Emily Davis: Indiana University English professor Michael Adams is a specialist on history, theory and the practice of lexicography. He considers himself a standard English speaker with an affinity for historical dictionaries. He also appreciates the complex vocabulary of Homer Simpson. Adams recently published a blog post for […]

‘The Poetics of Rap’ — IU English professor breaks it down in the classroom

Guest post courtesy of IU Communications colleague Jaclyn Lansbery. Video by multimedia intern Lena Morris. Adrian Matejka asks his students to raise their hand if they’ve ever heard of American hip hop artist Mos Def. Most of them – about more than half of the class – raise their hands. Then he asks if they’ve […]