Grunwald Gallery’s ‘Wunderkammer’ exhibition pulls out some of IU’s most curious collectibles

Indiana University has quite a collection of collections. Within its museums and more arcane repositories, IU Bloomington houses nearly 200 years worth of papers, books, artwork, artifacts and other miscellany. A fascinating fragment of these objects and oddities has been assembled in “The Wunderkammer: Curiosities in Indiana University Collections,” which opens Oct. 23 and remains […]

‘Directed by Women’ series brings guest filmmakers to IU Cinema

Post courtesy of IU Newsroom intern Tori Lawhorn: Over the next two weeks, special guests at the IU Cinema will include rising young filmmakers Ja’Tovia Gary and Stefani Saintonge, veteran rock ‘n’ roll documentarian Penelope Spheeris and IU alumna Hannah Fidell. These filmmakers are coming to Indiana University Bloomington for screenings, presentations and question-and-answer sessions […]

MM Serra of New York City’s Film-Makers’ Cooperative to visit IU Cinema Feb. 27

  Guest post by Noelle Griffis of IU’s Black Film Center/Archive: “We don’t want false, polished, slick films—we prefer them rough, unpolished, but alive; we don’t want rosy films—we want them the color of blood.” These determined words concluded the first statement of the New American Cinema Group, now known as The Film-Makers’ Cooperative. For more […]