Afterword: Indiana University reaches for the stars in 2016 edition of Writers’ Conference

The act of writing about writers who have gathering to write is like tip-toeing through the looking-glass world of a mirrored funhouse: Reflections are everywhere, but it’s hard to know where to tread. The Indiana University Writers’ Conference wrapped up earlier this month after five days of classes, workshops, panel discussions and public readings. Director […]

Camp SOUL attracts talented high school students with its mix of music, empowerment

IU Newsroom intern Amanda N. Marino contributed to this story: On the first morning at Camp SOUL, students in the rhythm section dabbled with their instruments at the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center. None of the campers spoke much to the counselors or each other. Just minutes before, acting director Ignoisco Miles rallied the entire group, […]

Campus tour reveals Indiana University’s story stone by stone during Limestone Month

“I’m not a historian. I’m not an architect. I’m a limestone geologist.” With these words, Brian Keith began a walking tour of Indiana University Bloomington as part of Limestone Month, an annual celebration in Monroe and Lawrence counties featuring special events such as exhibitions, carving demonstrations and quarry visits. Keith’s tours June 3 and 10 […]

New ‘Basically Baker’ recording project will celebrate jazz legend, fund scholarships

David Baker left an enormous legacy in jazz. The performer, composer and distinguished professor who founded the jazz studies program at Indiana University died in March at the age of 84. Now, a new recording of Baker’s big band music will add to his rich legacy, thanks to the efforts of fellow musicians, friends and […]

Creative team returns to IU to present their premiere musical, ‘The King’s Critique’

Post courtesy of newsroom intern Amanda N. Marino: Nat Zegree comes alive when he plays the piano. Already full of energy, the upbeat song he is banging out on the keys has a little bit of him in it, much like the rest of “The King’s Critique.” He is, after all, its co-writer and musical […]