Enjoy guest bloggers during pregnant pause from Art at IU

When I learned back in May 2012 that we here at the IU Newsroom would begin blogging, I was thrilled. I’d blogged in my old life as a journalist, and enjoyed it. Plus, the idea seemed to be the answer to a nagging question I’d been struggling with — what to do with all the good stories I kept hearing about involving the university’s arts organizations and students that didn’t quite fit within the confines of a news release.

Enter Art at IU, what you’re reading now. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading what I’ve posted here as much as I enjoy writing it.

In the next weeks, however, you’ll see some new faces posting on Art at IU while I’m off on maternity leave. Welcome my IU Newsroom colleagues Brittany Aders, Jaclyn Lansbery and Tracy James — who typically blogs over at Health & Vitality — and I’ll see you when I return to the office!

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