Student project tells IU’s story using sounds

Guest post courtesy of IU Communications colleague Jaclyn Lansbery, who wrote a story about this cool project for Inside IU Bloomington:

The blaring sound of an alarm clock at 7 a.m. The creak of an old Ballantine Hall door opening on the first day of class. The Student Building clock tower, chiming in the Old Crescent district every 15 minutes. The IU Marching Hundred performing the “Indiana Fight Song.”

To an IU student, employee, faculty member or alum, these sounds are memories, new or old. These were also the kinds of sounds that Norbert Herber, a faculty member at IU’s Department of Telecommunications in the College of Arts and Sciences, wanted students in the sound design class he’s been teaching for six years to capture.

The project objective was simple: Record the sounds of IU, in about two minutes and 30 seconds or less, and collectively tell a story about the university to an international audience on “Everything Sounds,” a podcast produced by IU alums Craig Shank and George Drake Jr.

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