Write, rehearse, perform in 24 hours

Write, rehearse and perform a short play in 24 hours. Does that sentence motivate you, or make you incredibly nervous? For me, it’s a little bit of both. But that’s not the case for members of undergraduate student theater organization University Players, who are definitely motivated by the challenge. “UP is an incredibly collaborative company, […]

Zegree: First vocal jazz camp at IU ‘overwhelmingly positive’

The Jacobs School of Music’s summer festival has wrapped up, but Steve Zegree is still basking in the glow of his first vocal jazz camp held on the Bloomington campus. He started the camp at Western Michigan University — where he taught before coming to IU — about a decade ago, but declared this year […]

Scorsese: ‘Collaboration will help ensure the survival of our collective film heritage’

If the Orphan Film Symposium isn’t on your radar yet, here’s something that might catch your eye. Legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese, who serves as president of nonprofit film preservation organization The Film Foundation, has issued a statement supporting the symposium. The Midwestern version of the symposium will take place right here on the IU Bloomington […]

Jacobs student: Composing chamber opera akin to using Twitter

Conveying the passion, depth and storyline of a chamber opera — which is shorter than a full-length opera and uses fewer musicians — is sort of like expressing your thoughts on Twitter. At least that’s how Jacobs School of Music third-year doctoral student Ezra Donner looks at it. “It’s more accessible, cost-wise, and it’s easier […]

Original new musical wraps up Indiana Festival Theatre season

Guest post courtesy of newsroom intern Jaclyn Lansbery: No man is an island, especially in the big city. In the original new musical “Island Song,” the Bloomington Playwrights Project and IU’s Department of Theatre and Drama teamed up to create the final production of the 2013 Indiana Festival Theatre. Since Aug. 6, both the production […]

Bloomington native rounds the bases from WTIU to NYC each week

Sometimes, during a few minutes of downtime during his weekend gig at the New York City-based MLB Network, a colleague will ask WTIU senior director/producer Jay Kincaid curiously, “What do you do out there, anyway?” It’s great, the Bloomington native assures them, detailing his weekday duties at Indiana University’s public television station. “I say, ‘It’s […]

IUCA+D exhibit features Evansville native’s evolving work of art

Artist Mark Cooper, an Evansville native, has created a collaborative work of art at the invitation of the Columbus Museum of Art and Design and the IU Center for Art + Design. Currently on display at IUCA+D’s gallery at 310 Jackson St. in downtown Columbus, the exhibition is titled “YuYu Columbus,” a reference to the […]