Renoir lithograph has temporary home at IU Art Museum

The IU Art Museum is home to a Monet, a Picasso and a Dürer, but this summer you can also see a Renoir on loan there.

One of the originators of the Impressionist style, Pierre-Auguste Renoir was particularly noted for his appreciation of feminine beauty. He depicted his friends, his family and their children in scenes of domestic activity and leisure; a favorite subject included two young girls pinning flowers on a hat.

He did several versions of this scene in a variety of media, including a large-scale lithograph that is on temporary loan to the museum from art dealer Pia Gallo, whose gallery is based in New York.

Renoir on loan

This Renoir lithograph can be viewed at the IU Art Museum.

“We’re thrilled to have this excellent example of Renoir’s work here at the IU Art Museum for the summer,” IU Art Museum marketing director Katherine Paschal said. “It fits well into the university’s celebration of 113 Days of Art, and it meets the museum’s mission to support learning and enrichment.”

The local installation includes several small prints by Renoir and two portraits of the artist by Pierre Bonnard and Jean-Louis Forain. All are part of the museum’s collection. The installation is in the first-floor gallery, and is on display through Aug. 18.

In collaboration with the Ryder Film Series, the museum will also screen “Renoir” at 2 p.m. July 13 in the first-floor gallery. The 2013 French historical drama is about the last years of Renoir’s life at Cagnes-sur-Mer during World War I and boasts realistic details — filmmaker Gilles Bourdos even used the services of convicted art forger Guy Ribes to create Renoir’s paintings in live action on screen.

Thinking about going? Check out the trailer:

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