Costuming period play balance between historical accuracy, modern aesthetic

The night before the initial dress rehearsal for a play involving the first period costumes she’d ever designed, Barbara Harvey Abbott had a nightmare. “I dreamed I got a note from the director, telling me we needed to switch out all the costumes,” she said, chuckling a little at the then-horrifying memory. “It’s quite funny […]

Film and music collide with ‘Double Exposure’ collaboration

Love original film? Crazy for new music? Then be sure to check out “Double Exposure,” an annual project that pairs composition students from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music with IU film students. Ten students created original films as part of the project, which will screen at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, March 3, at IU […]

Taliaferro to visiting Tuskegee Airmen: ‘You guys were our heroes’

When O. Lawton Wilkerson earned his wings as a B-25 pilot in a segregated military during World War II, the now 87-year-old thought his younger self was “the cat’s meow,” as he put it. So the newly minted pilot donned his uniform and headed into nearby Atlanta to show relatives “how great I was,” he […]

Baseball in Haiti: ‘A bright beam of life at the edge of all that death’

The photo caught my eye, but it was the story behind it that moved me to tears. IU Cinema director Jon Vickers had shared a link to an Esquire story about Bryn Mooser and David Darg, who will visit the cinema next week to speak and screen two of their films: “Baseball in the Time […]

IU orchestra takes on Queen, wins the Internet

Have you seen this amazing video of the IU Ad Hoc Orchestra playing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” yet? If not, take a few minutes and watch. It’s drawing some major attention, with more than 30,000 views on YouTube and a mention on MSN’s website as an “awesome tip of the hat to the iconic original.” Jacobs […]

West Indian folk, Afro-Cuban traditional, modern dance explored at workshop

Four guest artists will help participants in the Indiana University African American Dance Company’s annual studio workshop explore dance styles such as West Indian folk, Afro-Cuban traditional and modern. The workshop is Feb. 22 and 23 in the grand hall of the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Culture Center, 250 N. Jordan Ave., and includes dance master […]

Stage provides backdrop for New Oxford Shakespeare editing decisions

Terri Bourus isn’t so different from any other theater director, carefully considering how her actors are embodying their characters or how costumes might help audiences draw meaning. Underneath all that, though, she’s on a secret mission. As director and general editor of IUPUI’s New Oxford Shakespeare project, Bourus is one of three editors worldwide commissioned […]

Would you tweet from your seat?

Last weekend, I was one of four people invited by IU Opera to participate in its inaugural “Tweet Seat” initiative. It was a great experience, and one I thought might be considered by other arts entities on campus. Here’s a peek at our night:

IU junior attends retail federation’s ‘Big Show,’ thanks to scholarship

During the three months she spent studying in Italy, Indiana University junior Kelsey Pepmeier discovered the perfect expression to describe her preparation for a career in retail: “Buona fine a buon principio.” Translated as “A good beginning makes for a good ending,” the phrase illustrates Pepmeier’s drive while studying at IU, including networking in Las […]

IU Theatre’s production of ‘Intimate Apparel’ reflects increasing diversity in department

IU Theatre’s production of “Intimate Apparel,” which opens Friday, isn’t just the chance to showcase the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage on stage. The play, which tells the story of a young black seamstress in early 20th-century New York working her way through the social confines of her time, also represents another step […]