IU professor’s art on display at Met

Two photographs by Osamu James Nakagawa, associate professor with IU’s Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts — part of IU’s College of Arts and Sciences — will be on display at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Part of Nakagawa’s “Banta” series, the photos will be on display through May 2013 as part of […]

IU lecturer’s design work found on playgrounds across the globe

Slides in Peru, monkey bars in Kenya, swings in the Philippines — Jon Racek’s designs can be found all over the world. The lecturer in the Department of Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design in Indiana University Bloomington’s College of Arts and Sciences designs low-cost playgrounds, which are then built by locals using sustainable materials and […]

Collaboration between IU professor, Dutch artist examines ‘Media Life’

Longtime friends and colleagues Mark Deuze and Dutch artist Miek van Dongen are both inspired by “the messiness and magical quality of our interactions with the world around us, and particularly in the role of technologies, machines and media in our lives.” In that vein, Deuze — an associate professor in IU’s Department of Telecommunications […]

Fall has arrived, and is brimming with art

When the tent sales featuring mattresses and cheap furniture pop up on vacant lots and the streets are clogged with moving trucks, I know it is official: The students have returned. Classes in Bloomington start Monday, and campus is already starting to hum. There are plenty of great arts happenings on tap this fall, so […]

Jacobs prof: Now’s the time to tell story of ‘incredibly sophisticated’ Beach Boys

I can still remember the tone of my friend’s voice. She’d called while I was home, actually attempting to clean my room, grooving along to a Beach Boys cassette tape. Shouting to be heard over the strains of “California Girls,” she asked accusingly, “Are you having a party?” Despite my assurances to the contrary, all […]

A look inside IU Cinema

Thought you might like to see this film about IU Cinema, created for incoming freshmen. Enjoy!