113 Days of Art: 82 days down, 31 days to go

To me, summer in B-town means ripe tomatoes and sweet corn from the market, time spent on the patio of my favorite restaurant and the ability to park pretty much anywhere. (I will steer clear of this summer’s asphalt-melting heat wave, or the ridiculous amount of road construction that requires moves like Rube Goldberg to avoid.)

Perhaps most of all, however, summer in our wonderful town means art, theater, dance, film and music. The list is long — the Jacobs School of Music offers a variety of concerts boasting world-renowned musicians; IU Cinema will screen “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” one of this summer’s most talked about films; Indiana Festival Theatre hosts live performances nearly every night; world-class art is exhibited at the Grunwald Gallery and the IU Art Museum; and there are fascinating exhibits at the Wylie House Museum and the Mathers Museum of World Cultures.

Dubbed “113 Days of Art,” IU’s celebration is meant to illustrate the breadth of what’s available on campus over the summer for visitors and townies alike.

Haven’t seen it all yet? Don’t worry, there are still 31 days of art left in Summer 2012.

Visit artsfest.indiana.edu for more information or to sign up for a weekly email reminder, and check out this cool video.


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