Brain Extravaganza!

Brains are cool.

That’s the message Jill Bolte Taylor — a Harvard-trained brain researcher and Indiana University School of Medicine lecturer turned author and motivational speaker following her recovery from a 1996 stroke — hopes people carry away from the installation of three-dimensional brain statues around Bloomington and the IU campus.

“I want people talking about the brain,” Taylor told IU’s Home Pages. “This is really all about education, appreciation and awareness of this beautiful organ inside our heads.”

Nine brains are situated on the Bloomington campus: at the Atwater Eye Care Center, Indiana Memorial Union, Bryan Hollow, IU Auditorium, the Arboretum, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, IU Health Proton Therapy Center, Jordan Hall and the Wells Library.

Check out more photos of the brains here, or find out more about the project here.