Information about Ebola

The video in this post was prepared as part of ongoing efforts at Indiana University to provide current information about Ebola to students and employees. No cases have been diagnosed in Indiana and the risk of exposure to the disease in the U.S. remains low. IU’s environmental health and safety staff are updating “Interim Guidance Concerning Ebola for Indiana University” at

Explore four campus Fine Arts haunts during Halloween night Open Studios event

Post courtesy of IU Communications colleague Karen Land: Visitors are in for a treat when artists share their tricks at the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts Open Studios event Friday night. Four separate art buildings on Indiana University’s Bloomington campus will be open to the public, with interactive art activities and displays of student […] Read more »

The Hoosier Kingdom

Most people would not likely describe desert-dominated Saudi Arabia as fertile—unless, that is, he or she is a proud Hoosier discussing how the Kingdom is awash in successful and highly driven Indiana University alumni living, working and making major contributions to the growth and development of this dynamic and strategically important country.

Norway’s Utøya tragedy: Historian to discuss balance between memory and new life

The bombing of Norway’s Government Center and the murder of 69 young people at a Labor Youth League camp in July 2011 shook Norwegian society to its core. Then came a new challenge: How to memorialize the tragedy without letting memory overwhelm hope for the future. Norwegian historian Tor Einar Fagerland has been at the […] Read more »

All abuzz about Jonathan Banks

For a guy who’s built a career in film and on TV for playing sinister types and villains, including Mike Ehrmantraut on the award-winning TV drama “Breaking Bad,” Jonathan Banks seemed to have no trouble embracing the part of happy homecomer during a whirlwind visit to IU Bloomington last week. Best known for his memorable […] Read more »

Lesson from addiction: ‘Every moment in time that we are alive and well is a miracle — that’s where we have to stay’

Indiana University student Jacob Desmond discusses below his recovery from addiction to help draw attention to the toll addiction levies on people of all ages. Young and enthusiastic college students are not immune.

A gut feeling that honey bee microbiome work at IU will be worth watching

Although it has yet to become added fodder in the debate over if, how or when President Barack Obama has been over-stepping his authority, the White House did recently issue a Presidential Memorandum ordering relevant agencies and departments to create a federal strategy to promote the health of Apis mellifera – the western honey bee […] Read more »

Biological microscopy, explained

How can researchers get images and videos of activities in living cells? Kenneth Dunn, scientific director of the Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy, tells all. It’s impressive stuff, and it’s just cool to look at.