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Lecture, workshop to assess Afghanistan’s troubled history, uncertain future

Perhaps no other country has experienced so much political and social upheaval for such a long time as Afghanistan. And a new chapter is about to begin, as the U.S. and its allies prepare to withdraw most of their military forces by the end of this year. What comes next for Afghanistan and its people? […] Read more »

Btown welcomes the king of the B movie

Just yesterday, I was talking to my dad about one of his favorite films – the 1979 cult classic “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School,” featuring the legendary punk rock band the Ramones. Dad was telling me about the day he and one of middle-school teaching buddies decided it would be fun to show a particularly […] Read more »

Ojibwe art collected by Ostroms on display now at Mathers Museum

Time spent in a recent curatorship class taught by Mathers Museum of World Cultures director Jason Jackson sparked a desire in three IU graduate students to continue their work with a collection of items donated to the university by the late Elinor and Vincent Ostrom. The result? “Ojibwe Public Art, Ostrom Private Lives,” an exhibition […] Read more »

Mild dehydration can make me tired?

Ira Means, M.D., suggests we carry a reusable water bottle to encourage ourselves to drink enough water. Read on to find out why it’s so important.

Straight Outta Helsinki: Eric Meslin and the bioethics of placebos

Fifty years ago the World Medical Association (WMA) adopted the Declaration of Helsinki, the world’s fundamental document laying out the ethical principles of medical research involving human subjects that physicians should follow. It has been widely adopted and serves as an important standard for many researchers around the world. As you’d expect of a guideline […] Read more »

Scholars coming to IU Bloomington for conference about the Caucasus region

Because of its geographic importance, at the border between Europe and Asia, the Caucasus has had great historical importance throughout the centuries. In recent decades, the region was controlled by the Soviet Union. With recent events by the Russian Federation in nearby Ukraine and in Crimea, there is new focus on what the future portends […] Read more »

Women of science, of technology, prepare to be empowered!

I want to be a woman….studying science….at Indiana University….over the next week. If you already meet those prerequisites then prepare to be empowered. IU Bloomington’s Center of Excellence for Women in Information Technology gets things started with this weekend’s Techie Women Have More conference. Poster battle royale gets underway first, beginning at 2 p.m. Friday […] Read more »

Putting a bow on 2013

When you work at one the largest universities in the country, and your job is to help communicate the steady stream of good work produced by that university, you get an up-close look at a lot of pretty neat people, ideas, projects and achievements. So many, in fact, that compiling a list of my favorites […] Read more »

IUPUIintelligence is being refreshed

Check back in January for new and informative blog content.

Winter Preparedness: ‘Days of Shivery’ are back

After reminding us of the unusually warm winter of 2011-12, the Farmers’ Almanac 2014 says that the “Days of Shivery” are back. The 197-year-old publication’s 2014 Winter Outlook map labels the Midwest as “biting cold and snowy.” Looks like Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s Winter Preparedness Week comes just in time, Nov. 17-23. Some folks don’t […] Read more »