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Hoosier to Hoosier sale sets another record

This fall’s Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale raised more than $33,000 for Habitat for Humanity ReStore and other causes, setting a mark for sales for the fifth consecutive year. Some 2,584 shoppers took advantage of the sale, which took place Aug. 23-24 in Bloomington and provided new homes for used furniture, appliances, household goods and […] Read more »

Heartland Film Festival selects documentary made by two Indiana University seniors

Post courtesy of IU Communications colleague Karen Land: The Heartland Film Festival will feature the work of two Indiana University students as part of its 2014 lineup. “We’ll Be All Right,” a short documentary by Barton Girdwood and Carissa Barrett, will be screened as part of “Indiana Spotlight” at the festival, which runs Oct. 16 […] Read more »

King Kevin returns

Kevin Kline, the man who brought us the clueless criminal Otto from “A Fish Called Wanda” and has famously portrayed Shakespearean kings, pirate kings and presidents, among many other classic characters of the stage and screen, made a triumphant return to Indiana University Bloomington this afternoon, earning standing applause for a new honor to accompany his Oscar and two Tony Awards.

If sitting is the new smoking, this may be an easier fix

I walked through shady Dunn Woods on my way to a meeting yesterday and reveled in each peaceful step. IUPUI researcher Steve McKenzie makes a case in the Indianapolis Star for how bouts of exercise can improve work performance. A new IU study finds, however, that slow, hourly 5-minute walks can do a world of good.

Nude pics raise questions about cloud security

Readers who have no nude pictures floating around cyberspace might be tempted to ignore the news of hacked celebrity nudes. IU cybersecurity law expert Fred Cate said the breach points to a need for tougher approaches to password selection on an individual basis and suggested in this Wired article that legal action resulting from the hack, which affected dozens of actresses, could force online companies to be more effective at protecting people who use their services.

Telling the Indiana University story around the world and in at least eight languages

After a quiet and relatively cool summer, Bloomington again is buzzing with the return of students at Indiana University, as evidenced by increased traffic across campus, on Kirkwood Avenue and at local malls. This fall, IU Bloomington is welcoming its largest and most diverse freshman class. Among them are a significant number of first-year international […] Read more »

A gut feeling that honey bee microbiome work at IU will be worth watching

Although it has yet to become added fodder in the debate over if, how or when President Barack Obama has been over-stepping his authority, the White House did recently issue a Presidential Memorandum ordering relevant agencies and departments to create a federal strategy to promote the health of Apis mellifera – the western honey bee […] Read more »

Biological microscopy, explained

How can researchers get images and videos of activities in living cells? Kenneth Dunn, scientific director of the Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy, tells all. It’s impressive stuff, and it’s just cool to look at.